CannaBiz LiquiCompost 1L


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Directions for use:

Use LiquiCompost during the vegetative stage of the plant.

For best results use in conjunction with Biophos Repro during flowering.

Shake well be use! LiquiCompost product is totally soluble in water

The nutrient guide on the bottle gives a general guideline of how to use the product.

Please note that the product guide was not intended as a comprehensive grow guide, but rather a brief to ensure correct usage of the product.

For best results, refer to your EC Meter pen, adjust pH (5.8-6.2), and EC MAX (1.5-1.8)

Plants at various stages of growth have unique feeding ranges, so gradually increase the EC to an optimum level that is comfortable to the cultivar or plant.

LiquiCompost can be used in soil, hydro and as a foliar application.

Foliar Feeding: 5-10ml per litre of water.


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