Fermented Plant Extract (FPE) – 500ml


Description: A liquid extract created by fermenting “weeds” providing the plants with a bacteria and enzyme-rich, nutritious extract that feeds the plant while at the same time deterring pests. Specific herbs are used to target pests such as whitefly, powdery mildew, and nematode induced root-rot.


Directions of use: Prevention is better than cure

i. Store in a cool dark place. DO NOT APPLY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT
ii. This product works best when used together with IM and IM5 to control pests.
iii. Foliar feed: Dilute FPE 1:500 and spray on both upper and lower surfaces of leaves. This can be done monthly and works great in Vegetative growth stage.
iv. Prophylactic: Spray plants weekly alternating between FPE (1:500); IM5 (1:500) and IM (1:200)
v. Outbreak treatment: Spray plants daily alternating between FPE (1:500); IM5 (1:500) and IM (1:200) for 14 days.


Barefoot Nomads

Korean Natural Farming: This method of crop production is a biological farming method that utilizes micro organisms to produce high quality and healthy crops. Natural farming studies life and health and develops methods for sustaining them in dynamic and balanced production systems. KNF recognizes that the only sensible approach to healthy production lies in the health of the production environment. These practices create a mutualistic community between the sun energy, water, soil, animals, plants and microorganisms creating the healthiest production environment. Healthy is happy.


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