Gavita Master Controller


The EL F controllers are new to the family. Not only do they offer everything the Gen 2 controller has to offer in control and safety, but they also provide integrated, intelligent fan control, based on a PID algorithm:

– 0-10V EC fan control
– Intelligent PID fan control
– Non-volatile memory
– Event logging
– Independent sunrise and sunset settings
– Independent light cycles on the EL2

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Control your entire lighting environment with the Gavita Master controller lighting setup. Part of the E’ series meaning self-external controlling system meaning you take the timing in your own hands and canceling out the tedious watering and lighting routine. Double post and an entry-level controller but a must for not overloading your power supply and depleting your electric bill.


  • A 24hour timer.
  • Set out a level of 50-115%.
  • Selection for ballast types: 600,750,1000w.
  • Counter to show the output.
  • Auto control for temp and sunrise and sunset time frame.



Gavita is the largest specialized horticultural lighting company in the world.