Grodan Rock Wool Plugs


We supply Rockwool, Using a base of Basalt and Limestone, the mixture is heated to 1500c and then poured onto fast spinning disks. The result of this technique is the highest quality Rockwool, containing only 5% rock content. Because of the low density of the Rockwool it provides exceptional capillary action for the roots, while retaining enough water for growth. Completely inert, cool right?

Rockwool is ideal for Hydroponic growers. Rockwool will not buffer the pH of the solution nor degrade into soluble parts that could affect your plant. Rockwool must be prepared prior to use, and it is best to soak the cubes for 24 hours in a light nutrient solution that has been pH adjusted to 5.2-6.

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  • Inorganic & Sterile Growing Medium
  • A Superior Medium For Rooting Cuttings
  • Encourages Faster Initial Rooting & Its Firmness Is Guaranteed
  • Provides 20% Air Space When Saturated – Absorbs nutrient solution while retaining plenty of oxygen for rapid root growth!
  • Cubes Measure: 4 x 4 x 4 cm
  • Comes in A tray of 69 Plugs




Supply innovative and sustainable stone wool growing media solutions for the professional horticultural sector, based on Precision Growing principles.

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