Indigenous Beneficial Microbes (IM) – 500ml


Description: IM is a blend of probiotic infused indigenous anaerobic microbes in a carbohydrate rich molasses. These microbes promote soil and plant health by creating a food chain in the soil. These microbes also break down the organic matter in the soil unlocking all the nutrients for the plants to consume


i. Store in a cool dark place. DO NOT APPLY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT.
ii. Soil rehabilitation: Dilute the IM 1:1000 (1 liter IM into 1000 liter water) and apply to the soil on a weekly basis.
iii. Foliar spray: Dilute IM 1:250 (1 liter IM into 250 liter water). This creates a protective micro-organism barrier on the plant. Spray upper and lower surfaces of leaves
iv. Super soil: When creating your own super soil dilute the IM 1:1000 and apply to your super soil every 3rd day. Be sure to turn your super soil on a daily basis. Your “cooking” process will be quicker than usual as the microbes kickstart the process.
v. Other uses:
1. Compost heap: dilute IM 1:1000 and apply to heap daily and turn heaps daily
2. Lawn: Dilute IM 1:100 and apply to your lawn monthly. Use 85ml of IM concentrate per 10 square meters of lawn.


Barefoot Nomads

Korean Natural Farming: This method of crop production is a biological farming method that utilizes micro organisms to produce high quality and healthy crops. Natural farming studies life and health and develops methods for sustaining them in dynamic and balanced production systems. KNF recognizes that the only sensible approach to healthy production lies in the health of the production environment. These practices create a mutualistic community between the sun energy, water, soil, animals, plants and microorganisms creating the healthiest production environment. Healthy is happy.


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