Indigenous Microbes 5 (IM5) – 500ml

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Indigenous Microbes 5 (IM5) – 500ml


Description: IM5 is a “stronger” version of FPE because it contains white spirit alcohol, apple cider vinegar, garlic, and chilies to name a few additives. This causes intestinal intoxication in pest insects and acts as a pest deterrent.

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i. Store in a cool dark place. DO NOT APPLY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT
ii. This product works best when used together with IM and FPE to control pests.
iii. Prophylactic: spray plants weekly alternating between FPE (1:500); IM5 (1:500) and IM (1:200)
iv. Outbreak treatment: Spray plants daily alternating between FPE (1:500); IM5 (1:500) and IM (1:200) for 14 days.


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