62 % Integra BOOST – 2-Way Humidity Regulator 67g


2-way humidity packs expertly adapts to the air around it.

Whether you’re aiming to prevent pantry items from rotting, rehydrate rare cigars, or keep your herbal medicine fresh, Integra’s 2-way humidity packs are the smartest option for adding or removing moisture to any enclosed environment. Backed by decades of research and trusted by industry-leading brands, our honed technology expertly adapts to the changing environment without you ever lifting a finger.


2-Way humidity control solutions to keep your products fresh while staying Smart, Simple, and Safe.


Integra Boost

Integra BOOST™ 2-way humidity control packs offer a safe, simple, effective solution for creating the balanced environment your products need to thrive. Available in an array of size options and at two distinct relative-humidity levels, preserving your favorite household items has never been easier.

Additional information

Weight 0.067 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 cm

55%, 62%


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