Multi Silica


Always add Multi Silica to fresh water first. Stir while adding. Allow mixture to rest for 1 hour for Si to dissolve  . Next add CalMag supplement (if required), then add fertilizer to water. Check and adjust pH range to 5.5 – 6.5.

Low strength – add 0,25ml per 1L water
Full strength – add 0,5ml per 1L water
Max strength – add 1ml per 1L water
Foliar Spray – 0,25ml – 0,5ml per 1L water


Multi Silica is an organic liquid product containing diatoms and various other elements to ensure optimal efficiency and availability of silica to the plant.

This product can be mixed with water and applied through any irrigation system as all the particles in this product are smaller than 20 micron.

Silica is taken up by the roots in the form of bio available silicic acid (Si(OH)4).
Micro-organisms release metabolites in the form of (HCL) which react with the Si to form silicic acid.
Diatoms provide a good source of silicon (orthosilicic acid H4SiO4).


Umya Nutrients

With more than 15 years of successful use of our products in the agricultural industry, Umya Nutrients is making it possible for you to have the same success in your garden.


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