Bio Boost 1L

  • Stimulates production of chlorophyll tissues (cells – chloroplasts), photosynthesis is thus enhanced and improved.
  • Corrects mineral imbalances within the plant.
  • Counteracts (stop) apical and pre-magnetic dominance, resulting in more equal budding (foliation).
  • Improves and accelerates quick recovery after disease (increases absorption and assimilative potential of plant sprays and other plant applications).
  • Stimulates speedy root development and root growth.
  • Increases the oxidation process, crucial to the plant’s metabolism and physiological processes.
  • Improves and enhances better fructification (fruit setting or fruit formation) of all fruit, nuts berries, vegetables, etc.
  • 100 % bio degradable and is non-toxic to humans, animals, plants and the environment.


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