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Bio Zyme 1L

Dirty Hands Bio-Zyme Nutrient – 1L contains natural enzymes, bacteria and extracts, they are all essential to activate and stimulate microbial soil life. An application of Bio-Zyme will cause an increase of all advantageous micro-organisms (microbes) in soil. The soil is thus inoculated with advantageous micro-organisms that will enhance and improve the normal biological processes that are beneficial for the development and growth of plants. These soil micro-organisms (soil microbes) multiply quickly, with the result that the soil microbial population will rise, which will then give way to the rapid decomposing of organic material (crop residues) above and under the soil. This fermentation process (i.e. an anaerobic process, without the presence of oxygen – O2) that naturally takes place in soil, is thus composting.


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