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GHE TriPart – FloraBloom


GHE FloraBloom stimulates flower and fruit development.

Enhances flavor, aroma, and essential oils. High in Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, and Sulfur.

Flora Series

For all growing methods: hydroponics, soil less, Coir (Coco Peat) and soil ADVANCED NUTRIENT SYSTEM: The Original Formula.

The concept of a 3 parts nutrient, and Flora-series, were created for General Hydroponics by Dr. Cal Herrmann, formerly senior chemist at NASA, in collaboration with scientists from the University of Davis in California. Dr. Herrmann is, today, a partner at GHE and still conducts research.

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GHE (Terra Aquatica)

Flora Series®, Ripen®, FloraKleen®, WaterFarm® have all contributed to GHE’s success since its creation in 1995. After the organic line’s successful transition to the new brand in March 2019, all of the fertilizers and mineral additives will also begin the changeover with new labels featuring the hexagonal emblem and the initials T.A. for Terra Aquatica® as well as new names that more clearly indicate their use..

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500ml, 1l, 5l, 10l, 60l


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