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Vigo Espresso (PGC) -1L


Vigo™ is best described as a TCO (True Compound Organic) as it does all that a bio-stimulant + plant potentiator + plant growth enhancer + plant growth conditioner, can do! Yet at the same time it contains no GMO’s, nor is it modified or enhanced in any way in order for it to perform or be able to show the amazing results that it does. It has the ability to “turn on” or “turn off” metabolic pathways or activity “switches” so to speak and therefore has the capability to enhance the uptake of plant nutrition even at reduced fertilizer rates. The hormonal activity is further substantively increased with the presence of 17 essential organic amino acids and has proven to be extremely effective when used in conjunction with organic fertilizers or foliar feeds, but not restricted to organic fertilizers. Although Vigo™ contains non-structured carbohydrates, its unique ability to further indirectly increase carbohydrates when the plant activates its “on” switch, allows the plant to produce more energy, which thus stimulates plant growth. This is the primary function of Vigo™.




This product is Vigo™, a true compound organic (TCO) and environmentally friendly product, which our scientists wrestled with for more than a decade in order to understand what Mother Nature does naturally. It took another decade to be able to exact the very complicated processes of extracting Vigo™ in a form that makes it commercially viable, yet is able to preserve all the unique and complex characteristics.


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